Thankful in Bishkek

I’m thankful…

…for many things.
…for being done with that gigantic market research project that took over my life for 2+ months.
…for the new and exciting projects I’m planning.
…for the new friends I met during a proper Thursday Thanksgiving dinner.
…for the leftover apple pie I ate for breakfast.
…for how wonderful the pumpkin pie I baked smells.
…for the opportunity to have another Thanksgiving dinner tonight with some truly excellent friends.
…for Mamajan, the best cat that 1 som (~$0.02) has ever bought.
…for my health and my youth (sometimes I’m self-conscious about being the young one, but today I’m embracing my 23 years).
…for competent healthcare providers in Bishkek that calmed Farrell’s nerves when he WebMD’ed himself into a panic attack.
…for family and friends and love and support all over the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

One reply on “Thankful in Bishkek”

  1. I’m thankful for you…your creativity, your adventurism…you continue to inspire me…and I am thankful for my son-in-law, who is there encouraging you and watching over you…he’s presence in your life allows me to sleep at night. 😉

    love you both!

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