winter will not? winter is.

The temperature in Bishkek today reached an astoundingly chilly high of -16 degrees (Celsius). Snow fell steadily all of yesterday, although when the weather is this cold, I suppose it won’t have a chance to melt and refreeze into the hazardous sheet of ice that is now a permanent fixture on all sidewalks for the next few months.

This all goes to prove wrong the men who boldly claimed that there would not be winter this year. A former presidential candidate held a press conference to discuss various messages received from the cosmos regarding the origins and strengths of the Kyrgyz people, the end of seasons, and the need for Kyrgyzstan to set the universe on the right path. Apparently the men in the video are also using atrocious Russian grammar, and the phrase “зима не будет” (“there will be no winter”) has become the catchphrase to encapsulate not only how laughable the idea is in the first place, but how they couldn’t even say it with correct grammar. (Although, full disclosure, my Russian’s not yet good enough to recognize the error.)

With all of the many (many MANY many) examples of American politicians saying dozens of cringe-worthy catchphrases, I’m glad that I can empathize with some Kyrgyz people in this way. Don’t worry guys! Turns out there are people everywhere who say silly things on TV.

And just in case, here is more hard evidence that winter, in fact, not only will be, but already is here:

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  1. Oh, well, I want winter! It seems like there will be no winter in Saint-Petersburg. Today it was + 7, no snow, raining like in spring. What a disappointment! Give me some winter, just some degrees of it )))

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