Real Life House Hunters: the backstory

We’re moving!

After nearly a year living in the same apartment (more than a year in the same courtyard), Farrell and I are shifting ourselves and the office to a brand new location.

But it’s not just the two of us. We’re currently sharing the office with the business of another expat. He and his wife are two of our closest friends here, and they suggested that instead of going our separate ways into small apartments and small office spaces, why not pool our budgets and go for something much bigger? So we looked for a house. A big house. Big enough to fit Farrell and me (and Mamajan), plus another couple (and a soon-to-be baby!), plus office space for our company, plus office space for their company.

(Plus a garden, lots of light, two kitchens, and a sauna would be super nice.)

(But, of course, we’re not too picky.)

Since this was my first time actually searching for a place to live, instead of just accepting the first apartment that’s available, I decided to thoroughly document it and compare it to the “reality” experience of House Hunters International.

This time around, the rental budget is $500 for each couple and each office, a grand total of $2000 per month. Unlike the show, we saw ten houses in total. And we have a real real estate agent this time! Svetlana is a tough chick and knew exactly the right places to show us, and she’s no joke in negotiations. (In other words, if you need a real estate agent in Bishkek, I’ll give you her contact info.)

Which one did we choose?! Find out soon!

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