Real Life House Hunters: the Reveal

Wow, I had forgotten how much I don’t like moving. The mad rush to pack up everything was multiplied by three as we tried to empty out my apartment, the office and our new roommates’ apartment. Imagine our surprise when it turned out that when we ordered a “moving van” that could fit the three spaces’ belongings, a mini-van is what arrived.

Now, my belongings are scattered around the new house, completely disorganized. I have a mile-long list of things to do, from buying lightbulbs, to calling a repairman to fix whatever is causing the new lightbulbs to not work, to rearranging furniture, to tackling the thick layer of dust that our new landlord decided to leave behind.

But we’re here! A new house! How exciting!

Are you curious about which one we moved in to?

House #2! The owner immediately took our offer to decrease the price to $2000 per month. We all got ourselves really psyched up, telling ourselves that if they wouldn’t negotiate the rent then we’d take House #3. Then we’d sit in silence for a few moments before someone would mention, “But, it would be really great to have a banya…”

“…or a big garden.”

“…or stay in the center of town.”

“…or a swimming pool.”

“…or an outdoor kitchen and shashlik pit.”

“…or fruit trees.”

So far things seem pretty content in the new place. There are some growing pains, of course. It’s a bit strange having both companies in one office, to see how everybody works together and around each other. We’re still in the process of getting everything finalized, sorting out how to divide the kitchen (the only real common space between everybody), rearranging furniture, painting, patching up holes, replacing lightbulbs, etc.

And just in time for spring, Farrell is already prepping our yard for a vegetable garden and setting up a compost pile (making good use of the bag of homemade compost sent to us from his mom that miraculously made it through customs).

Already I feel much more dedicated to making this place as comfortable as possible; in the last place, I definitely slacked off with finding solutions to little annoyances. This weekend I’ve been to two different bazaars in an attempt to get everything sorted out as quickly as possible (I haven’t visited a bazaar in maybe six months or more)(I know, I’m lazy). I don’t think it will take long before we’re all settled.

So what do you think of our new place? And more importantly, when are you going to visit us?

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  1. Wahwahweewah—verrrry nice, congrats you guys!! As for your second questions, I’m busy trying to figure out how to get the office to spring for the flight… 🙂

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