a brief update

Ah, the harsh reality of trying to keep up with blogging. I always told myself I wouldn’t apologize for long absences and I wouldn’t ever feel it necessary to defend them. But geeeeez, you guys. Emails, messages, meeting people in real life who tell me they read my blog. It’s strange to suddenly get so much attention for it, so here’s a brief update on life in Bishkek while I sort some things out.

I recently heard through the Bishkek grapevine that some people really enjoy this as a food blog, even though I haven’t really posted a recipe in… about two years. So, for those nostalgic for my foodie days, here’s what I baked recently.

My birthday cake! (I turned twenty-four this week) I used this recipe from Joy the Baker and it was totally amazing.

My cousin-in-law (um… Farrell’s cousin) JT is currently visiting us for a few weeks, and Farrell is dutifully dragging him out to the most obscure corners of the country.

Here’s a photo of JT on a comically small horse in Chaek, Kyrgyzstan, in the middle of nowhere Naryn oblast.

And lastly, to satisfy the oddly high number of emails I get about the real estate market in Kyrgyzstan (as if participating in a staged “reality” show about house hunting makes me some sort of expert), I’ve included some contact info for a stellar real estate agent in my brand new FAQ page.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Kirstin. No matter what age you are i will always be 30 years older.

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