the end of Plov for Two?

After a last-minute venue change (Sweet 60s was suddenly sold by its owner), Plov for Two held their last show at Zeppelin (Цеппелин), a “rock bar” in Vostok-5.

Axel, everybody’s favorite Swedish frontman, is making his way back to his homeland by scooter (what? yeah, through Kazakhstan, Russian and Finland by scooter) this week, marking the end of the current era of Plov for Two. It’s not clear yet how the band will continue. I mean, they will continue, but whether or not they’ll get a new singer (there are a few Kyrgyz girls who are in line to audition), if it will stay Plov for Two or become something totally new is still up in the air.

I played videographer for the night with some fancy audio equipment, but I managed to get some good pics of the show as well.

The show was great. I know I’m biased, but I would say the crowd (even beyond our friends) really seemed to enjoy it.

Zeppelin is definitely geared toward a certain scene (METAL) so the bar was packed with hardcore rockers to impress.

By the end of the set, there was a good amount of headbanging going on. The guys had some crazy energy up on stage and really meshed well with each other (covering up some small slip ups really well).

All in all, a great way to end Axel’s run on a high note.

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