Am I showing yet?

Well, there it is, I’m finally fattening up. And I have only 16 more weeks to go! (That’s all sarcasm, this pregnancy thing takes soooo long.)

Some things that are happening with this pregnancy:

-People are now asking me how far along I am and how the baby is doing, which is a whole lot better than getting sideways glances whenever I eat something because they assume I’m just gaining weight.

– These days, I’m eating a whole lot. Talking about sources of iron, my midwife in the states asked me if there’s much red meat available. Uhh, yeah, they have that covered in this region, and I’m partaking in plenty of Kyrgyzstan’s bountiful supply of it.

– I went through a stressful few weeks of doctor’s appointments where I realized, “Okay, I pretty much have to ignore any medical advice you give me until I talk it over with my midwife in the states and do a fair amount of research myself.” I can no longer count the number of times I was prescribed a medicine that is either classified as a known carcinogen in the states or has various horrible side-effects for pregnant women. Did I mention I go to a pretty fancy and well-regarded clinic?

– It is ridiculously hot in Bishkek. Did you know that pregnant women are warmer than everybody else? Guys, I’m suffering. The only way to survive is to leave the office to go swimming in my pool every afternoon. Really, it’s the only way to get by.

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  1. As a husband that experienced pregnancy vicariously through my wife, I can sympathize. Just know that we as fathers grow more attracted to our pregnant wives the further along you are in your pregnancy. As Tracy will agree, though, the fun begins at birth:). Tracy’s suggestion…… eat lots of Ethiopian food! (If it’s available).

    1. Luckily Farrell has been quite generous with giving me plenty of compliments about my looks (although he still enjoys making occasional fat jokes). And I would love to eat Ethiopian food! Unfortunately there is absolutely none in Bishkek 🙁 so I have to wait until I get back to Philly to indulge.

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