Song-Kul weekend

Photos from my recent weekend trip to Song-Kul.

Awesome hipster sweater.

Our yurt, where I was convinced I might freeze to death.

One of only three times I’ve eaten fresh fish in Kyrgyzstan. It helped knowing that the lake it was caught from was right outside the yurt opening.

Fake shyrdak made out of crushed velvet and covered in rhinestones.

Save Song-Kul Lake Well, “kul” means “lake”, so that’s redundant. And what do we need to save it from? Loneliness?

Just after sunrise, watching the cows attempt to graze through the layer of frost that had formed overnight.

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  1. Wow these are awesome. Could they be used (fully credited of course) in a Global Voices post? The idea would be to complement the photos with text extracts from blogs and articles written by by travellers to the lake.



  2. Hi Kristin! After reading this entry, my anxiety about heading to kyrgyzstan is gone! Glad to find blogs like this or even from an expat point of view about song kul, bishkek city etc. Your photographs are brilliant as well. I should totally revert back to using 35mm when i head there this week. You mentioned about classic sputnik cameras as well in one of your entries, where’s the location to purchase it exactly?

    1. Hi Ariffah! I’m glad you like my blog 🙂 So far I have found only one Sputnik at it was at Tsum (the big department store in the center of Bishkek) on the 4th floor (I think, wherever souvenirs are sold). There’s one stall in particular that is just packed with antiques, in a back corner, and there’s one Sputnik. I think she was selling it for $220. It seemed like it was in decent shape.

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