maybe leaving? definitely leaving?

(Update: I made it back with no problems whatsoever, it’s almost comical that we worried so much about it. And, even better, Timati was on my Bishkek-Moscow flight, although at first I assumed he and his blinged-out, tatted-up posse were obnoxious Americans who work at the transit center. He’s much shorter than I thought he would be, and everybody in his group wore bedazzled hoodies.)

The whole Hurricane Sandy mess has left me (and my mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother) anxiously trying to figure out how my 14+ hour flight back to the states will be affected. I’m flying to JFK, which, under normal circumstances, is a much easier route than attempting to fly to Philadelphia (hometown/final destination). Now, I have Aeroflot’s call center saying my flight will leave as scheduled, and someone at their Bishkek office calling me every few hours to tell me that I should call them at 2:30am to figure out for sure if that is the case. My main concern is that I’ll take my Bishkek-Moscow flight and arrive in Moscow with the second half of my trip cancelled. As a visa-less American, I’d be stuck in the airport until a flight became available. As an emotional and heavy pregnant lady, I’d be really upset about the delay to getting back to a comfortable and reclined position.

I’ll know for sure in the next few hours whether I can attempt the trip or if it’s better to stay home and reschedule. Cross your fingers for me, or feel free to leave any tips for how I can bribe my way into the business lounge at Sheremetyevo.

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  1. Good luck and let us know if you made it safe. And when you do make it,would love to meet you in Philly. By the way, we just flew in on Monday and Philly is operational again.

  2. If all else fails, stick your pregnant tummy out and sob hysterically. Works wonders around the world! Have a safe, comfortable journey!

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