All I want for Christmas

I’m still pregnant. By my nerdy husband’s estimates, I’m nearly outside the range of normal gestation, so I’m getting pretty anxious to get this thing out. I mean, really? This kid is screwing itself over the closer its birthday gets to Christmas.

Dear child, just know that if you had come out on time, you probably still could’ve had a birthday party at school before everybody went home for winter break.

Other than this quick baby(less) update, I wanted to tell you guys about worthy cause in case you’re feeling especially tickled by the holiday season. A former Peace Corps Volunteer in Kyrgyzstan, Corey Hilber, passed away recently and a memorial scholarship fund has been set up in his name to raise money to send some deserving students in Talas (the region of the country where he volunteered) to a prestigious Turkish high school. Tuition is $2000 a year, which seems obscenely cheap by American standards, but is far far out of reach to many families in that region of the country. The goal is to raise 1 million som (approximately $21,276).

I don’t know much about this specific school in Talas, but my company has hired several people who attended similar Turkish high schools in other parts of Kyrgyzstan, and it really does, in my opinion, offer high quality education and gives them an edge over their peers. Public school education, especially out in the rural regions of Kyrgyzstan (like Talas), is atrocious, and this fund is a small step toward ensuring a few bright kids get a chance to fulfill their academic potential.

I hope you’ll consider donating to this worthy cause!

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  1. I’m sure baby will come when it’s ready. 🙂

    Though, your advice about not so close to Christmas is true, a birthday too close to a holiday can make birthday parties hard. But at least you’d always have your family surrounding you when you blow out the candles on your cake? There are up sides too!

    Happy holidays!

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