another dreary day

This is my third Bishkek winter, and yet again I trudge through cold puddles under sludge-colored skies and think, “Wait, what made me want to move here again?” The weather has been particularly atrocious, so this morning when I saw a fresh layer of snow, I got up with Farrell and decided I might as well take a few pictures in the (somewhat more picturesque) dawn light before I had to face another depressingly overcast day.

It will be another few months before I’m reminded of how gorgeous this city can get in the warmer months. Here are some examples from past springs/summers.

4 replies on “another dreary day”

  1. We’re having the same kind of “depressingly overcast” days here in Ukraine… hang in there! : )

    I’m impressed that you’re up and about at dawn (or is that because of the baby?)

    1. I was definitely not up by choice! Win decided that 5:30am was a decent wake-up time this morning, but was sound asleep by 7:30, before the sun was even up.

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