Kyrgyz Music Friday

Kyrgyz Music Friday is a weekly feature in which I post a pop music video from an artist in Kyrgyzstan. It could be catchy, annoying, funny, insightful, brilliant, awful, or anything in between. It’s what’s playing on the radio, what all the cool kids are listening to these days. Kyrgyz Music Friday is not trying to appeal to your musical taste (which I’m sure is awesome), but simply gives you a glimpse into how pop music is done on this side of the world. Feel free to share your thoughts on this week’s video in the comment section!

New video from Nurbek and Omar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are no words to adequately describe how giddy it made me to watch this video, all I can do is spread the joy to you guys.

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  1. I was googling Bishkek blogs because I was missing the city so much… yeah, this cured it.

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