on the road to Zil

When you spend nearly an entire day in a car, you figure out how to amuse yourself. For me, I took advantage of the coating on the car window and photographed the rainbows that appeared on the landscape through my lens.

And here are a few other scenes that caught my eye.

There were about a dozen apple sellers along the road. Our friend claimed that one man was selling the best apple variety in the world and bought a bag for us. They tasted like grass, not really what I would call the best in the world. (Maybe another translation issue?)

We passed a hitchhiker; looks like he wanted to do some tubing.

A pick-up game of kok boru! We drove by when it was nearly over, so we decided not to get out of the car and watch.

Miles jumped out to ask a group of young boys what was going on. First he asked in Russian, and one of the boys replied, “Да!” (which means “yes” and didn’t tell us anything about what was happening). Then he asked in Kyrgyz and all was understood.