Cat Show in Bishkek

I first heard about a cat show hosted in Bishkek over a year ago (maybe even two), but news about the event had only ever reached me after it had already happened.

Until now. I went to a cat show in Bishkek, and it may have been the best day ever.

I had a few people ask me, “A cat show? What happens at a cat show?” First of all, who cares; it’s a large gathering of cats for me to gawk at.

A cat show is like a dog show. Perfectly groomed cats are displayed and judged as prime examples of all the best qualities of their respective breed. Yes, it’s true that cats aren’t exactly as charismatic as dogs, so the cats weren’t strutting around a ring and most were just sleeping in cages and looking really annoyed at the situation. But that’s what cats do, and I was still thrilled.

Plus, there were kittens. Expensive, purebred, confused, cross-eyed little kittens. I got to pet one! EEEEEEE!!!

(I went a bit overboard with uploading photos, so I’ve posted more after the jump link, just in case you are, strangely, not a cat person.)

Several different breeds on display, from chubby and fluffy to skinny and creepy.

(A Sphinx named Cheri, whose cage was lined with black fabric with magenta pentagrams stitched into it. Cheri must like metal.)

(Apelsin, named for the Russian word for “orange”, obviously does not care about her adoring fans.)

(This is a Scottish Fold named Хайлайф – Highlife.)

(A death stare from a Cornish Rex named Exotic Orange.)

(I really had to throw elbows to get past all these amateurs with smartphone cameras.)

Over-the-top, gaudy cages decorated with fake flowers and, in some cases, thrones.

(Good thing Rafaella the Sphinx brought a glamour shot so we could admire her beauty without disturbing her nap.)

And a few really enthusiastic owners.

(The lady with the purple cat ears also wore a fluffy purple tail attached to her rear.)

(Highlife’s owner, true dedication.)

Details: The show was hosted in the Russian Drama Theater, it cost me a whopping 100 som to enter (~$2) and I’m assuming that information on future cat shows can be found on the official website for Kyrgyzstan’s cat enthusiasts.

I loved every single moment. Darwin, who was strapped to my chest (I wasn’t about to let a stroller get between me and some adorable cats, sorry kid), slept most of the time. He has so much to learn about the world.

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  1. Great photos!! We went to one of these cat shows last year in Ukraine. It felt disappointing though, I think because the admission price was a bit steep (about $7 each).

    1. oh man, Bishkek was definitely a bargain, but I love cats so much that I think I may have paid $7 to see all of them. Actually, that may have been better, because I’m sure a lot of people would not have paid that much and I wouldn’t have had to deal with the crowds!

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