Soviet architecture exhibit

When I was in Istanbul, I had the opportunity to check out a photography exhibit on Soviet architecture at Salt Galata. It was a really interesting exhibit and was displayed in a creative way. I loved looking at the retro photographs and hunting for references to Kyrgyzstan (although it seems that Georgia, Ukraine, and [duh] Russia got the best funky-looking buildings).

Cool line drawing of a building (or plans for a building?) in Dushanbe.

Lots of old video footage, I love seeing scenes of city life from several decades ago.

The best part of the exhibit was this music video projected on a random concrete half-wall jutting out of the floor, “Shine on, Tashkent, star of the East”. The song is performed by Yalla, who are apparently a well-known musical ensemble. I absolutely adore the singer’s dress and the band’s mustaches, plus the camera shots that say, “Look at both of our glorious buildings!”

Just a coincidence that I managed to get a photo that matches the Youtube video’s screenshot.

The exhibit will continue through mid-August, in case you find yourself in Istanbul with nothing to do between coffee breaks.

Diorama of a structure that I don’t think was actually ever built.


Update: This is not in Issyk Kul, but a skating rink in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I must have mixed up the captions. Thanks for the catch, Ashleigh and Batman (heh).

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  1. I think that the last picture is actually of the ice rink in Medeo just south of Almaty- this looks like a photo from the 1950’s when it was brand new. It is rather close to Issyk Kul- just on the other side of the mountains.

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