Street art in Istanbul

Posting is going to be a bit Istanbul-centric for a bit for a few reasons. First, I decided I need to be better about posting the photos I take (if they’re any good, duh). I take the photos and decide not to delete them because I feel they’re worth sharing, so (here’s the great logic) I really should post them, right?

Second reason for Istanbul-centric posts: I’m working on a new blog! Inspired by Darwin, my love of food and travel, plus my insatiable curiosity about different cultures, I started a blog called What Babies Eat In, which will document both Darwin’s transition to eating solid foods (of all kinds) and all of the interesting information I find out about how parents in different countries feed their babies. I hope you’ll check it out!

Third: As Farrell and I prepare to move out of Kyrgyzstan (oh. my. god.) I’m having a hard time writing about Kyrgyzstan and my daily life lately. A lot of my activities have a feeling of finality to them, like, “I’m so glad I got to do ____ before I leave this country forever!” (Ugh, Ticket List, you make me happy and sad.) I find myself appreciating my adopted home more than ever, while also keeping one foot firmly planted on the idea that we will be out of here within the next three months. I have some posts in the works about not only some of the fun stuff I’ve been doing recently, but also about my upcoming huge transition. But in the meantime, it’s easier to post a bunch of cool photos from my vacation.

Thanks for understanding!

So, onto the actual post. Here are photos of various posters and pieces of graffiti that caught my attention while I was in Istanbul.

Not quite “street art” but I thought it was funny that it says “Winners of the Battle [of the Bands] will KILL LOSERS”

Colorful houses, also not really street art, but eye-catching nonetheless.

I’m not the only one who noticed this stencil.

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