Prince Islands

One day during our vacation in Istanbul, we took a ferry to Heybeliada, one of the Prince Islands. It was a gorgeously sunny day, the water was clear and plenty of strangers offered to hold Darwin during the boat ride, leaving me free to photograph the Bosphorus.


Once on the island, we admired the charming old houses and the multitudes of cats lounging in the shadows, dreaming of what it would be like to own a vacation home there (plenty of houses were for sale).

We made our way to a particularly quaint hotel to have a coffee and cookie break. It was on top of a hill, giving us a great view of the coast.

Because the island is so small and exclusive, there are almost no cars allowed on the island (except for police vehicles and garbage trucks), so bicycles and horses seemed like a popular way to get around.

It was a really nice, relaxing way to spend the day. There are lots of seafood restaurants right on the edge of the island with great views overlooking the water, and ferries that run all day back to the city. It must be a popular day trip with locals too; the ferries were absolutely packed both ways.