more fun with film

I’ve been shooting like crazy with my army of Soviet-era film cameras lately, testing to see if they work, getting comfortable with the settings, and taking advantage of cheap prices for developing the film. Here are some of my favorites from the recent rolls, rollover the image to see which camera I used. There are some interesting results, some hits and misses, plus some dumb mistakes on my part (not extending a collapsable lens, for example). Nearly all of my cameras are at a repair shop for a week, getting cleaned and fixed up. My busted Lubitel? Oh please oh please oh please! The supposed analog-camera guru said he might be able to get it working again!

(I used a collapsable lens that I didn’t realize I had to extend before shooting. Oops!)


3 replies on “more fun with film”

  1. I’m glad someone else has a collection. Every year I live in Russia I seem to collect a few more cameras… Oops! So much fun experimenting with them!

    1. They are great, aren’t they? What cameras do you have? I really really enjoy geeking out over this stuff with other people.

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