a final dip in Issyk Kul

Some photos from my final dip in Kyrgyzstan’s famous “warm” (but actually frigid most of the time, nippy on the best days) lake, Issyk Kul. I’m getting a bit emotional thinking about it. It wasn’t a trip I was most excited to take. It was peak season, we were going without the most solid reservations […]

Bishkek Block Party

If you’re in Bishkek, then congratulations! You have plans this Saturday! (Yay for you!) (If you’re not here, this post will be a total bummer for you. Sorry.) Farrell and his bandmates have been hard at work organizing what is shaping up to be an epic music festival called the Bishkek Block Party. As I’ve […]

taking the train to Issyk Kul

This is an experience that seems to make it around the various expat circles. Let’s take the train to Issyk Kul! My first reaction to hearing it was something like, really? You can do that? I just finished reading The Great Railway Bazaar and, influenced by the book, I imagined the train to Issyk Kul […]