Bishkek Block Party

If you’re in Bishkek, then congratulations! You have plans this Saturday!


(Yay for you!)

(If you’re not here, this post will be a total bummer for you. Sorry.)


Farrell and his bandmates have been hard at work organizing what is shaping up to be an epic music festival called the Bishkek Block Party. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re moving to Belgium (in a little over a week, ahh!), so Plov for Two will play their absolute last concert ever (oops, I mean it this time) and it’s going to be big.


Not only will Plov for Two play, which is definitely reason enough to go, but Dad Manki and Eholami will perform as well.

BUT! That’s not all!


Several artists will have their work displayed at the venue (like Zhyrgal Maturmairov, who I wrote about previously), there will be games, contests, and prizes, and break-dancers will perform. DJ TimOne will spin some rad tunes and the Antiques will rock out as well. Plus, the whole event will be hosted by some of the comedians from Studio 7, which is Bishkek’s version of the Daily Show (Whoa! That’s awesome!).


Aaaaand (What? Are you serious? There’s more? Yes!) the event is sponsored by some of my favorite Bishkek businesses, like Sierra Coffee and Fresco (hands down the best ice cream in the entire country).


So if you’re not in Bishkek, I bet you’re super jealous. But if you are in Bishkek this week, then head to Metro (Chuy/Turusbekova) this Saturday (August 17th). Festivities start around 6pm. Tickets are 150 som each, but if you’d like to buy them early, they’re only 100 som (what a deal!).


(In case you forgot what Metro looks like.)


“WAIT!” you say. “I’m so excited to go to this show, but I don’t know any of Plov for Two’s music. What do I do!?” That’s easy! You click on over to their Soundcloud page and solve all your problems by playing these bad boys on repeat: “Cascade” “Natasha” “The Light (live)” and probably their most popular song, “Bullshit“.

Spread the word! This will be your last chance ever to see Plov for Two! I’ll see you there!

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  1. I AM super jealous! Looks amaze. Especially the body paint / watermelon eating contest, hopefully then immediately followed by breakdancing 🙂

    Whenever I get to Bishkek, I am asking YOU for tips!! xx

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