the finished dresses

Wow, being back in the US (I’m back in the US, did I forget to mention that?) has been a total whirlwind. Every time I think I have a free moment, I’ll sort through all the windows on my desktop and remind myself of another folder of photos I have to edit and post up here. I better post these before I forget.

I got some clothes made from the fabric I bought! Two dresses and a skirt and I am so pleased with how they came out.

Dress 1: Panda sundress. It has pockets and I’ve been wearing it to death. It’s so comfortable and cute. Jade got her panda fabric sewn into essentially a sleeveless shirt-dress with a belt. It’s super cute.

Dress 2: the va-va-voom violet ikat dress. It’s made out of silk and has unforgiving curves, so, like Elvira told me, when I wear it I won’t be able to eat, drink, breathe, or sit down while I’m wearing it. But it’s worth it because it’s so gorgeous and fits me so well!

Skirt: A gorgeous knee-length skirt, not quite a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt. A simple shape with a busy pattern. I’m a big fan.

Jade made an awesome shift dress out of the fabric that I really wanted, but graciously let her have, pictured below. So beautiful!

The process was simple enough, we brought photos of dress shapes that we liked to Elvira, the designer, and made a lot of hand gestures and spoke some mediocre Russian. Friends were called for back-up translation help. She took our measurements. A few days later, she had rough versions of the clothes sewn that we tried on for size while she marked them up with chalk to alter. Then we picked them up a day or so after that (modeling them first, of course).

The dresses cost 2500 som each (about $50) and the skirt cost 1200 som (about $24). Even considering the cost of the fabrics and transportation to and from Elvira’s studio, it seems like a great price.

I’m stoked, Darwin’s not so sure though.

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    1. I KNOW! Silk fabric, several fittings and a totally one-of-a-kind bespoke dress for less than $100? No way no way no way. I don’t even know where I’ll ever wear the purple dress, but I had to take advantage of this opportunity.

  1. Hello Kirstin
    Please would you send me the details of your seamstress, Elvira, I have been looking all over Bishkek for a good one.
    Many thanks

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