Bishkek Block Party photos

The Block Party was great! What a spectacular way to send off Plov for Two. I was up front for most of the show, taking photos and dancing to all of the sweet tunes, so I can’t speak for the rest of the (fairly large) crowd, but I had a good time, and I think other people did too.

The Rolls reunited! I took video of them playing “Brown Sugar” but they also performed a cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and it was so good. I hear they’re still playing around Bishkek now, picking up again after a break.

Bishkek’s breakdance scene really seems to be flourishing. A group of five self-described B-Boys performed two sets of awesome breakdancing “battles”, and were totally accommodating when one particularly drunk guy decided that he’d had enough alcohol to make him a breakdancer as well. But these guys were the real deal, flipping and spinning all over the place.

The Woodstock Tale performed a few songs, including their smash hit “Non Stop” (you can see a video of them performing that song here).

There was a watermelon-eating contest! I wasn’t sure how the partiers would react to this, but they loved it! The contestants got really into it.

Eholami performed and they were wonderful and fun (as usual). Here’s a video of their song, “Utrom“.

Then it was time for Plov for Two to set up.

I may be a bit biased, but they rocked. Look how much these guys enjoyed it! (That’s actually three members of Dad Manki, rocking out before their set, which I sadly had to miss to go relieve the babysitter.)

BOOM! An explosion of awesome! They even debuted a new song, “Volcanic”, which was performed for the first and last time. I’m embedding the video into this post because I love it so much. Really, I legitimately listen to this song without any prodding from Farrell.

They were even joined by a special guest guitarist, Clement Meynier, all the way from France! (er, actually he just flew up from Tajikistan for the show, but we were happy to see him and hear him play!)




What a great way to cap off three years in Bishkek.

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