medium-format Darwin

I bought the Lubitel, my first Soviet-era film camera, back in September/October 2010. I bought some 120 film in the states some months later, loaded some film in there some months later, decided that the camera was busted some months later, took it to get fixed some months later, finished a test roll in August, got it developed in September, and now here I am blogging about the photos in October.

Although, I could also consider it a success that between purchasing my Sputnik, shooting a test roll and developing the photos, I was much more efficient compared to the Lubitel.

Strangely, about 99% of the test shots were of Darwin. I guess I usually shoot what’s nearest to me, or drooling all over me.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the Sputnik, one still and a few animated to show the two corresponding shots.




And here are some from the Lubitel. Unfortunately, it’s obvious that there’s a focusing issue with it (either that or I’m terrible at focusing). Maybe I’ll sell it? There’s no room for display pieces in my collection.




I’m already stocking up on 120 film for more shooting adventures!

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  1. Oh the first shot is divine – the magic of medium format! Maybe try the Lubitel with a tripod and cable release? Otherwise sell it and keep the Sputnik, which looks like a dream to use x

    1. Yeah the Sputnik is definitely a keeper! I think the Lubitel might be busted, some of those I had it on a fairly fast shutter speed and sitting on a stable surface. The focusing lens has gotten stuck several times, so I wonder if instead of loosening it/fixing it, I really just loosened it/broken it :-/ oh well, one out of two isn’t bad for these old cameras!

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