Mamajan update

I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned anything about Mamajan lately, so here it goes. She stayed in Bishkek.

That was never the original plan. We adopted her so we could keep her forever and I was ready to bring her back to the US with us. Once we learned that Farrell got a job offer in Belgium, I immediately researched what it would take to get her there and set up an appointment at the vet. It turns out, bringing a cat from Kyrgyzstan to Belgium is a lot harder than bringing a cat from Kyrgyzstan to the US.

blah blah blah, I had a whole explanation written out about why we couldn’t take her with us, but I’d rather just post a bunch of pictures of her. It was a hard decision. Luckily, we found a good friend in Bishkek to adopt her from us (the lead singer of Dad Manki!) and it’s probably for the best. But I miss her, it was a really hard decision.

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mamajan Mamajan on film.

flickr_0058 Kitten!



scaled_9990 Once we moved into the house, we let her roll around outside a few times.


scaled_0118 Meeting a neighborhood cat at our last apartment.

scaled_4887 This is the last photograph I took of Mamajan. She was sitting on my lap and looking to make sure Win wouldn’t get too much closer.

scaled_6812 Terrified to go out into the snow.

scaled_7702 Cat nap.