in Bruges/Brugge

Farrell works in Bruges (which is spelled Brugge in Dutch).

So why do you live in Ghent? Because his company is building a new office in Ghent that was supposed to be finished in January but is now delayed until June. Bummer for him, because it’s a long commute, but at least I have a reason to go on mini-trips to another city.

To help with his commute, Farrell bought a second-hand bike to leave at the train station in Brugge. We made it a family trip and all of us took the train there so we could walk around and see the city center.

First, wow. So many more tourists than Ghent. I think. I guess I haven’t spent so much time in the city center in Ghent on the weekends. But it seemed really packed with foreigners wielding giant cameras (uh, yeah, they’re terrible, clogging the sidewalks and getting in this foreigner’s way of taking photos with her giant camera).

Second, this is Belgium after all and the weather was chilly and dark. There’s a saying that people from cold climates are fond of; there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing. I’m still working on properly bundling up, but I failed on this day, so I didn’t take many photos.

Whatever. You can get the idea, it’s downright charming out there in Brugge.

(p.s. – I’ve seen the movie before. Not a huge fan, it was incredibly dark and I had been expecting a comedy. Some of Farrell’s coworkers have made comments to him about how he shares a name with one of the movie’s leading men.)

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  1. Gorgeous photos, Kirstin! I love the contrast between the ominous sky and the tidy-looking architecture. Have you (so far) found Belguim a more pleasant place for walking than Kyrgyzstan?

    1. Thank you! Belgium is better for walking than Kyrgyzstan in that I don’t have to worry about open manhole covers, tunnels underneath the streets, or corrupt policemen, but it has its own challenges like teeny tiny sidewalks and cobblestone streets. Also, I’m realizing that I just dislike dragging the stroller around everywhere, but luckily Darwin just started walking on his own!

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