exploring Brussels

I have a feeling that one of the main driving factors to get me to explore Ghent and other nearby cities is going to be people visiting me. I’m certain that my friends and family wouldn’t enjoy sitting around the house, running after Darwin (and instagramming him) all day, so therefore I have to play tourist. But that can be fun!

My cousin and her boyfriend had the honor of being the first people to visit us in Ghent! First, they stopped in Brussels for a few days, and we caught up with them to explore the Christmas Market together.

Luckily the mid-morning train to Brussels was nearly empty for us in the first car, giving Darwin plenty of room to run around.

An awesome steampunk-like carousel at the Christmas Market.

There was a skating rink full of hipster kids, including a whole group of actual talented skaters (like, jumping over each other, doing flips and twirls) who were sponsored by Nutella (or all coordinated to wear the same Nutella sweatshirt).

We would walk around, then sit in a cafe, then walk some more, and sit in another cafe. It’s a good way to pass the time. In another square there was another cool-looking carousel.

Luckily the train home was just as empty. What else is there to do in Brussels? Leave me some tips if you have any!

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