I hope everybody is having a wonderful and relaxing holiday season! Farrell’s parents left this morning (or this afternoon? they have the worst luck with flight delays) and we’re working on getting Darwin back to his old routine of not being spoiled by loving grandparents all day. In the meantime, I figured I’d post some photos from November, when we hung out with my cousin, who was visiting Brussels at the time, at the Atomium.

We skipped the opportunity to learn more about the Atomium, because it cost over 20 Euros to enter the exhibit. No thanks, Brussels!

Of course, Darwin could not have cared less about the stunning cultural icon that he was witnessing (neither did Farrell, he thought it was ugly, am I alone in thinking it looks cool?), but he loved the space to run around. There are many tourists out there with photos of a small American boy wobbling around the Atomium; he drew quite a bit of attention.

Darwin did enjoy the waffle we bought from a waffle truck parked conveniently across the street from the Atomium. He is my child, after all.