Ivory Pom’s notable posts of 2013

Good bye to you, 2013! Let’s do a quick recap of the most memorable moments:

(True, Darwin was born in 2012 [just barely] but duh, he had a pretty big impact on my 2013.)


January: Preparing for our trip from the US to Bishkek as a family, we had to get Darwin his first passport. He won’t get a new passport photo until he’s five years old, so I have a constant reminder of his big, meatball baby face every time I open his passport (and with all the traveling we do, I get to see it a lot).

February: Friends donned their favorite red clothes to celebrate Chinese New Year at a fancy restaurant in Bishkek. Darwin and Farrell wore matching red t-shirts and brown cardigans.


March: YES! Finally photographed the Galactic Marshrutka!


Hitchhiking to the Karakol Animal Market with Darwin strapped to my chest takes a close second.




May: I still can’t think about the Mister Kyrgyzstan competition without getting Psy’s “Gentleman” stuck in my head, since it was played on repeat for about 45 minutes straight during the “Beachwear” part of the show.


We also went to Istanbul with my family in May, where every single person in the city wanted to hold Darwin.


June: Jade, Darwin and I took a trip toward the mountains to find a luscious poppy field, and we succeeded!

July: We took a trip to Tamga, on the southern shore of Issyk Kul, with a friend, who generously stopped the car to let me run around and photograph this strange mural along the road.


August: We went to Issyk Kul again, this time taking the train to Bosteri, which was a unique way to see the countryside.


September: While road-tripping around the US, I got around to posting photos of the dresses I had made in Bishkek out of Uzbek ikat fabric (and an adorable floral/panda fabric).


October: I posted photos from the Bishkek Block Party, Farrell’s epic last hurrah with Plov for Two.

November: Finally admitting the end of Kyrgyz Music Friday, I wrote a long (long!) guide for how readers can keep up with their favorite Kyrgyz artists on their own.


December: We haven’t done a lot since moving to Ghent, but we made our way to Brussels for the day, where I took some pretty adorable shots of Darwin toddling around the Atomium.

What a year! The end of Kyrgyzstan, the beginning of Belgium for my little family and me. Here’s to new and wonderful things in 2014, ambitions and opportunities, making new friends, seeing old friends, travel (or maybe we’ll slow that down), excitement and contentment.

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