Ghent Christmas Market

Is it just me? Or does January, despite how great it feels to get back to your normal routine, despite how full of promise and potential it is for shiny new resolutions, despite how it inches closer and closer to Spring, feel like a bit of a bummer? New Year’s Day comes and the holidays that stretched on for so long are suddenly done. Poof. Gone.

Let’s not say that I forgot to post these photos of the Ghent Christmas Market. Let’s say that I saved them for a bit of extended holiday cheer.


Also, I will admit that I feel like I missed out on taking full advantage of the holiday season since I was still such a fresh resident of a new country when December rolled around, so I’m stretching out the holiday-themed posts for a bit longer.

I thought the Christmas Market was lovely. There was an ice skating rink and carnival rides, plus booths to buy cheese, truffles, hot chocolate, sausages, Thai food, booze, booze, tupperware (weird), and more booze. Some of it was hokey, but most of it was charming, and I’m glad we braved the cold to check it out.

What about you, is anybody else a bit sad that the holidays are over?

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  1. Oh I so know what you mean! I think the difference here is that January is when summer really gets going for us and everyone is on holiday, so it still seems ‘fun.’ Except for this week. It’s 110*F this week.

  2. Seriously…you know that I go through major withdraw this time of the year. The poor house looks absolutely bare. 🙁

    1. maybe try decorating for Valentine’s Day? or get more cats so they can sleep on the shelves 😉

  3. I just got over my Christmas withdrawal and am now ready for summer. The most horrible part of living in Europe is the months between Christmas (which is winter and winter ends on New Year’s) and summer (which should start in March). I have my own version of how the seasons should be.

    1. I don’t even need full-fledged summer, I just want sunshine! We hardly even have a proper winter going on here, no snow other than a few flurries. Just rain rain rain. But I agree, summer should start in March, no use in waiting til June.

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