GoEuro Travel Trivia

This post is sponsored by GoEuro, a new travel planning website that combines searches for all transportation options, along with transparency of any potential hidden or extra costs, to help you plan the trip of your dreams around Europe.

From the GoEuro website:

“GoEuro came to birth after the extremely overwhelming experience of trying to plan a four-month backpacking trip across Europe. While the trip was (really) fun, planning it was complicated, time-consuming, and much more expensive than it could have been if we had known about other options and hidden costs beforehand. Thus, GoEuro.com was created to give travellers more knowledge, transparency, control, and power over trip planning. We want to make trip planning easy, while providing the most convenient way to compare and combine travel modes in Europe.”

That is an idea I can definitely get behind, now that I’m settled in Ghent and ready to explore my new continent.

Another cool thing about GoEuro is their Tumblr, which they regularly update with interesting travel-related tidbits superimposed on a beautiful photograph (with a good font too, I love a thoughtful font choice!). GoEuro contacted me and asked if I’d like a unique Travel Trivia piece for Ivory Pomegranate, and I’m happy to share it today!


(original CC photo by Flickr user jepoirrier)

This Travel Trivia was created by Madeline Sinclair, part of the team at GoEuro. They post new Travel Trivia throughout the week on their Tumblr. Make sure to check it out!