Amman update

Just a quick update. Somehow, I went from being completely unsure about when I would return to work in Baghdad, to suddenly waking up in a plane over the Mediterranean. One minute I was introducing myself to new DC coworkers with Iraqi flag cupcakes (ooo, just wait for that post), and suddenly I was sprinting …

Baking spree: croissants

As I briefly alluded to in my previous post, being back in my DC apartment set me off on a massive baking spree. This wasn’t just, “Oh, I’ll make a big batch of cupcakes, and maybe some cookies too!” sort of baking spree. Case in point? …homemade croissants

An ode to DC

While I was studying abroad in Amman, Jordan, I planned a solo excursion to Thailand and Cambodia for three weeks after the semester was over. I may have been a bit naive about the idea, but family and friends bombarded me with requests to keep them constantly updated on my whereabouts and safety. My solution? …

Crisps for all seasons

Another day, another briefing, another walk through the fake IED course… (what? like, improvised explosive device?) umm…yeah. In other words, I think its time for me to get back to the “real world”. What’s in this fabled real world? Well, at one point, it had crisps! All dolled up and ready for the oven.