in the US

We landed in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon having survived an 8 1/2-hour flight from Brussels. We immediately experienced some authentic Philly culture in the form of a gravel-voiced waitress at a nearby diner (“What’ll ya have, sweet-haht“), where we got a quick burger-and-fries fix before sending Farrell back to the airport to fly to Colorado and […]

GoEuro Travel Trivia

This post is sponsored by GoEuro, a new travel planning website that combines searches for all transportation options, along with transparency of any potential hidden or extra costs, to help you plan the trip of your dreams around Europe. From the GoEuro website: “GoEuro came to birth after the extremely overwhelming experience of trying to […]

my 7 links

I had seen this thing popping up on several blogs and assumed I would not get involved due to the fact that I mostly just ramble about life, my cat, and You-said-where-istan. Or I post pictures. But then this lovely lady and fellow travel/photoblogger over at Anywhere But Home decided that I’m worthy of being […]

video debut

We made a video! This is my first attempt at filming and editing, so be kind. We filmed it HD with my Canon 7D, but this country’s internet connection is really slow so the quality had to suffer… a lot. We already have tons of ideas for the next one and a lot of lessons […]

help choose my wedding ring!

One more quick post for today. Farrell and I have narrowed down all of the rings we’ve looked at to two, and I’m looking for some extra help in deciding which one to ultimately choose. We already picked out Farrell’s ring. We’re going for something non-conventional and artsy. I like that both of these rings […]

Moonstruck chocolate truffles

This past Christmas was the second time I was away from my family (yup, I’m still in Baghdad), meaning celebrations had to be improvised. The first time was in 2007 when I decided that I simply could not be bothered to return home after my semester in Jordan, so I went to Thailand by myself […]