an epic road trip

The original plan was something like this: fly from Bishkek to Ghent, hang out for about a week, fly to the US, get Farrell’s Belgian visa sorted out, see some family, fly back to Ghent three weeks later. Obviously, I mention the original plan because it didn’t quite go like that. Yes, we went to […]

a final dip in Issyk Kul

Some photos from my final dip in Kyrgyzstan’s famous “warm” (but actually frigid most of the time, nippy on the best days) lake, Issyk Kul. I’m getting a bit emotional thinking about it. It wasn’t a trip I was most excited to take. It was peak season, we were going without the most solid reservations […]

taking the train to Issyk Kul

This is an experience that seems to make it around the various expat circles. Let’s take the train to Issyk Kul! My first reaction to hearing it was something like, really? You can do that? I just finished reading The Great Railway Bazaar and, influenced by the book, I imagined the train to Issyk Kul […]

a perfect weekend in Tamga

There were several factors that made this possibly one of the best trips to Issyk Kul that I’ve ever had. First, wonderful company. Daniel was prepared for anything, and he had a car, and he’s a very laid-back, awesome guy. When the apartment we rented didn’t have sugar, he had sugar (a necessity for my […]

Prince Islands

One day during our vacation in Istanbul, we took a ferry to Heybeliada, one of the Prince Islands. It was a gorgeously sunny day, the water was clear and plenty of strangers offered to hold Darwin during the boat ride, leaving me free to photograph the Bosphorus. Once on the island, we admired the charming […]