Hello, new readers!

(Update, the blog is no longer active, but feel free to check out the archives!)

Welcome! Thanks for checking out my blog. Here’s a short explanation about what you’ll find here.

I’m Kirstin, a twentysomething married American girl who lived in Washington, DC, then worked in Iraq, then moved to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to start a business, then moved to Belgium. There’s more about me on the about me page if you’re curious. (I tried to avoid writing “about me” twice, and I just couldn’t make it happen.)

Having lived in Bishkek for three years means that the vast majority of my past posts relate in someway to Kyrgyzstan, whether it’s about the food I ate there, the events I attended, the places I traveled to around the country, Kyrgyz music I listened to, quirky things I found for sale at the local markets, or anything in-between.

As an expat, I have many rambling thoughts and snippets of (sometimes impractical) advice about all aspects of living abroad: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

My husband, Farrell, and I were featured on an episode of House Hunters International, and I wrote about the whole filming process. You can find those entries here and watch the episode for yourself here (it’s a legit link, the other file I had was taken down from Youtube).

I take a lot of photos and sometimes attempt to construct photo essays, like this one when I visited a homeless persons rehabilitation center, this one from the Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border, or this one from Bishkek Fashion Week.

You’ll find occasional recipe posts; I used to consider this a food blog when I lived in DC and I still like to bake and photograph cupcakes every once in a while.

At the end of 2012, Farrell and I became parents, so there could be occasional posts about life with Darwin (though probably not too many).

I hope you enjoy my little space on the web!