pickled grapes

Finals are almost over!! The last one is on Monday, so that practically means I have a whole free weekend!


Of course! Studying for a Monday final might as well start on Sunday. That left me plenty of time tonight to final construct a lightbox!!! So what food should I use first to play with my new DIY toy?

Pickled grapes, obviously. Made with a recipe found on Smitten Kitchen.

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Why I love Twitter

Twitter for me is not so much about posting constant Facebook status-like updates, but more for following people/websites/organizations/etc that I’m interested in.

One thing that I’m following is PostSecret.com. It just so happens that while taking a Twitter-break at work today, Frank twittered about the opening of a Postsecret exhibit in DC.

Even better, he wrote that the first person to come up to him with “Twitter” written on their hands would get a free book! How could I pass that up that chance?

Straight from an exhilarating day at work, I soaked up the beautiful weather and did some people-watching at Dupont Circle while waiting for a friend before heading to the exhibit (making sure to scribble “twitter” on my palm in purple ink on the way). We got there and it looked like they were just about finished setting things up.

Adam and I were there for about two minutes when Frank Warren, creator of Postsecret, walked in. Eeee!!!

Since I went to the event straight from work, I didn’t have my camera, but Frank got a picture of the two of us, hopefully he’ll see my tweet and email it to me!

See friends, Twitter isn’t completely useless, you get free stuff and meet cool people.

As for the true purpose of this blog, I’m planning on building a light box and making scones this weekend, so stay tuned for fantastic pictures!


Unless my summer class is super-intense, then I think I just completed the last busy week of my college career. I remember during my second-to-last busy week (yeah, I count these things out), I was really looking forward to this one, because it would be the last one. This one involved three papers due on three consecutive days, and one involved cramming a 400-page book into two sleepless nights of reading.

Needless to say, I didn’t like the book. I did somehow manage to finish all three papers on time, and I rewarded myself with a full night of sleep. It was glorious.

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