another earthquake

I didn’t even consider that Kyrgyzstan was prone to earthquakes when I decided to move here. I don’t know if that would have changed my mind, but a lot of rumors (and some legitimate warnings) seem to be floating around now that “the big one” will strike in the next year or so. There was […]

going to the vet

Mamajan has been acting up lately. Howling, scratching at the door, calling out to all of the gross strays that hang out behind our apartment. Depriving me and Farrell of our precious sleep. So off I went, clutching a moaning Mamajan, to a veterinarian on the far side of town. So far, in fact, that […]

Mamadjan update

Getting bigger, so she’s now getting stuck in the tiny crevices she previously loved to explore. And she’s getting more adventurous, bolting to the door ready to pounce into the outside world every time we open it. She’s also getting more brazen with attempting to claw her way up the lovely carpets that hang on […]