how to find an apartment in Bishkek

OKAY GUYS. I get it. I’ve mentioned enough real estate-related terms on this blog that many of you end up here from Google looking for actual advice on how to find an apartment or a house in Bishkek. I receive an unbelieveable amount of emails asking for tips on apartment-hunting, or flat out asking if […]

Real Life House Hunters: the Reveal

Wow, I had forgotten how much I don’t like moving. The mad rush to pack up everything was multiplied by three as we tried to empty out my apartment, the office and our new roommates’ apartment. Imagine our surprise when it turned out that when we ordered a “moving van” that could fit the three […]

Real Life House Hunters: Best of the Worst

Gold tunduk chandeliers? Offices with showers? Marble staircases? Houses only half-constructed? All of the above. Even though there were a few gems in our search for a new house/office, the majority were not even up for consideration. A few of them deserve special mention for their ridiculousness. This one wasn’t so bad, but it was […]

Real Life House Hunters: the backstory

We’re moving! After nearly a year living in the same apartment (more than a year in the same courtyard), Farrell and I are shifting ourselves and the office to a brand new location. But it’s not just the two of us. We’re currently sharing the office with the business of another expat. He and his […]